• 2019-01-26

Frequently Asked Questions   常問的問題


Q1.  What makes E&T a luxury pet spa and different from all other grooming shops?

A. E&T is a luxury spa for dogs because we conceptualized our store based on luxury spa for people.  We have strict membership policy to ensure that our beloved pet receives a different level of attention and service unlike any other common grooming shops.




Q2.  Are the troubles of adhering to a strict membership policy really worth it?

A. The answer to this question is strictly subjective to what you are looking for in a grooming shop.  If you are just curious or looking for new bath and grooming shop, E&T luxury spa may not work well for you because of our strict membership policy and higher price entry point.  But if you are serious about looking for a place long term that focuses on complete personal attention and can accommodate any changing need or condition of your dog, then E&T is the right place for you to become a member.  We will work hard to continue to improve and grow with your pet’s changing condition to take good care of our precious little customers.




Q3.  Why do we require membership before any service can be performed?

A. We have a strict set of rules and policies not found in other traditional grooming shops to carry out our concept to provide the most attentive and professional service for your beloved pet.  In order for us to provide a spa like experience for your beloved pet and perform our best, we want to make sure that our potential customers take the time to read, understand, and agree to our membership policy so we can all work together to provide the best experience and service for your beloved pet.


答:我們有一套嚴格的規則和政策,來貫徹我們的理念提供最周到及最專業的服務給您心愛的寵物,這些規則和政策是在其他傳統美容院都找不到的。為了讓我們為您心愛的寵物提供以人為概想     的spa服務,我們希望將來可能成為E&T的潛在會員可以花時間閱讀規章,理解並認同我們的會員政策,讓我們可以共同努力為您心愛的寵物提供最佳體驗和服務。


Q4.  Is NT 5000 requirement to start membership a membership fee and why is it required to become a member?

A. The NT 5000 is not a membership fee.  It is required to begin a membership because It is a deposit for first time member to our pet spa.  Unlike other pet grooming shops, our membership policy include penalty fee for no shows and late cancellations.  The deposit is taken as a show of faith and to make sure our members take all of our policies seriously and take the time to really understand and decide if E&T is the right place for your need.  Since it’s not a membership fee, it is used to guarantee a reserved appointment and can be used for the cost of any service.

After NT 5000 is used up for services being performed over time, there is no need to deposit any additional money.  We are sure by the time the deposit is used up, members will have a good idea if E&T is a desirable place for your beloved pet so no further membership fee or deposit is required.

Since NT 5000 is merely a deposit when starting a membership to guarantee your appointment, any unused portion of the deposit can be refunded anytime at our member’s request should they choose or decide E&T isn’t the right place for them and their beloved pets.






Q5.  Why is there no food allowed in the waiting room when waiting on a service during your appointment?

A. Our waiting room is meant to be a tranquil and productive place for members to be productive with their work or take a leisure break while they wait for the service.  We work hard to make sure our small space stays clean and fragrantly scented like a luxury spa.  Beverage is welcomed but food is prohibited to preserve the cleanliness and pleasant fragrance of a luxury spa.




Q6.  Why is E&T appointment only?

A. E&T is strictly an appointment only establishment for our enrolled members only because we don’t function as regular grooming shops.  We require appointment only so we can be exclusive to your beloved pet during the entirety of your appointed time.  We strive to provide as much privacy and attention as we can to our beloved little members so we don’t take any walk-in customers and only honor last minute reservation for an appointment if there is a time slot available.

Our services are appointment only to provide privacy and attention.  Like human luxury spa, we prepare ahead of time for our clients coming in and note any special conditions or requirements before hand.  That way our specialists are well prepared ahead of time because we know who is being serviced and take note of any special attention necessary prior to the appointment.

Lastly, our appointment only policy serves as a safe guard to the quality of work and time your beloved pet receives.  Having no overlapping appointment time in our spa,  we never overload our work so there is no issue with taking in too many clients at once to compromise the overall experience and quality of work.

Without the appointment only policy, we would accept walk in customers and that would lead to disruption of our work load and work flow.  With appointment only, all of our members receive the same quality of service and never have to worry if the work is sloppy due to too many pets at once to increase work load and interrupt work flow.







Q7.  Why is there a cancellation fee for a missed appointment or late cancellation?

A. As previously stated, we are an appointment only facility.  We provide a higher level of service because we lock in the time to specifically service your beloved pet and guarantee that there will be no other walk in clients.  We also make preparations ahead of time to make sure we do our best to serve your beloved pet at the specified appointment time.  This is the concept and execution of time “exclusivity” meaning we devote all our personnel and resources to the member that reserves the appointment time and no one else.

What our members are buying is the guarantee time to perform the service to serve them exclusively.  When there is a no show, a late cancellation, or late arrival to the point that services can not be performed because it will overlap into the time of next appointment for another member.  A cancellation fee will apply.

This is because members are buying and being held responsible for the time they reserve because its exclusive to the member who made that reservation.  We make our member’s appointed time exclusive to that specific member to provide the most attention and preparation.  Once there is a no show or for any reason the service can not be performed because of late cancellation or late arrival, that time is lost and our operation cost rises accordingly.  It’s why we have a policy for cancellation fee to hold each of our members responsible for the time they request and not pass on the cost to every member if there are too many or frequent no shows and late arrivals that would force us to increase the price for all members in the future to cover for all the lost appointment.






Q8.  Why are there no exception to the cancellation fee?

A. The short answer is to keep things simple and fair.  Once our members understand and accept that they are completely responsible for the time reserved because the appointment is set aside exclusively for their beloved pet and no one else.  Once that time is lost, it’s simply fair that the member who reserved that time is responsible to pay the cancellation fee for the time lost to keep our operation cost the same so it doesn’t pass along as price increase to even members that honored their appointments.

And there are no exception to cancellation fee because while there are circumstances beyond control such as family emergency and traffic; it’s not our responsibility to be the judge of each situation and it wouldn’t ever be fair if we were left with the power to be the judge of which circumstance is allowable and which still requires cancellation fee.

We trust these circumstances are more or less a one time incident and not a common pattern.  It’s not our intention to just take money and perform no service.  We don’t succeed or make money by just taking cancellation fee.  It’s the last thing we want to do.  The only way we truly succeed is to reward our members with a great service for their trust in choosing us.

But we have to enforce it without exception to make sure the policy is upheld and fair to all members that abide by the cancellation policy.  Reserved appointment time is “exclusive” to the member that made the reservation and we do our best to only serve that member during that time and no one else.  When there is a no show or late arrival beyond serviceable time, there is a cost associated with the lost of that appointment reserved exclusively to that member making the appointment.

It’s the ugly side of business to try to maintain our overhead cost.  So we have to keep it simple and fair by holding our members completely responsible for the time they reserve exclusively to serve them and we hold ourselves totally responsible to make sure we focus on nothing but the member’s beloved pet for that time to give our best service and most attention.








Q9.  Why is being on time for an appointment so critical?

A. As we explained previously about the “exclusive” time concept for our members.  In order to provide exclusive attention and care for your beloved pet, we’ve committed all our personnel to your pet for the time of your appointment.  Any other time outside of that appointment window is exclusive time to other member’s appointment.

That’s why we are super critical on the punctuality of time.  It’s not to offend or make our members feel less welcome outside their appointment time window.  We simply don’t have the space or extra manpower to accommodate and welcome our members outside of their time window.

We strive to serve all members equally and without exception and since E&T assures personalized attention and care for every beloved pet during the time of their appointment; any time that is outside the window of each member’s appointment time will complicate and compromise the attention and quality of service for the members that are before or after your own appointment time slot.

We have a small private intimate place with limited personnel so it’s critical that all our members understand and be considerate to honor the responsibility of the exclusive time concept to help us ensure all members get the best service and most attention during their own appointed time.



這就是為什麼我們嚴格要求預約準時或只能提早5-10到達的原因。這不是有意冒犯或讓我們的會員在預約之外的時間到達時感到不受歡迎,而是我們根本沒有足夠的空間或額外的人力來容納和歡迎在預約時間之外到達的會員。我們努力讓所有的會員享有一樣品質的服務而沒有特權,因為E&T在服務療程期間要確保每一位心愛的寵物都受到一對一的關注和照顧。任何不是在預約時間到來的會員,都會造成該預約時段前後的預約服務品質變得複雜及妥協,也會分散美容師對該療程的專注力。 我們是一個人員有限的半私密環境,所以希望所有會員都必須理解並尊重獨享時段的概念及責任,以幫助我們確保所有的寵物在他們指定的時間內獲得最好的服務和最多的關注。


Q10.   Why can’t we accommodate early or late arrival?

A.  As previously stated with the importance of being punctual and within the window of the appointment time, members arriving too early will only complicate and compromise the time that is exclusive to the member before your appointment.  And arriving too late will not only run into the exclusive time that is reserved for the member that has the appointment after your appointment, it won’t give us enough time to perform the service properly and attentively for your beloved pet. A rushed service is worse than no service and that’s why there is a cut off time to being late to prevent a rushed service or time running into the next member’s exclusive time for their appointment following your appointment.




Q11.   What do we recommend to our members to get the most out of their appointment and service?

A. Our most honest and hopefully helpful advice to our members is to not think of E&T as a traditional dog grooming shop but rather think of us in terms of a luxury human spa for dogs.  With that said, the acceptance and understanding of buying time and time “exclusivity” is most crucial.  Secondly, we strongly encourage that our members should try to set aside an extra 5 to 10 minutes of their time when dropping off their beloved littles ones off for service. The extra 5-10 minutes allows you to relax and have a drink of beverage while giving our specialist more time to have a chance to discuss and inquire if there is anything else that needs their attention and also for our member to have a chance to communicate further with our specialist if there are any further special conditions or requests.





This concludes the first edition of Q and A to our members.  If there are still questions left unanswered, please feel free to let us know and we will personally answer your question.  When we have compiled a new set of questions after this edition, we will publish the second edition of Q and A.

E&T is meant to be a place of luxury and retreat for your dog while providing them with the most personal attention tailored to your specific little ones.

Like a luxury spa for people, it is meant to be a tranquil place to offer high quality service when people choose a specific time to enjoy and relax.  That is why all our services are appointment only and time exclusive to just serve that specific member at that specific appointment time.  We would really advise every member to start thinking in terms of that concept to help us transform into a place that is most attentive to your beloved one and move forward to other services beyond just simply basic grooming and become a full functioning luxury spa for dogs.

With membership comes with privilege of more personalized attention.  We welcome all requests and special instructions to service your beloved one.  We will do our utmost to meet all your requests and needs within reason.  If at times you are disappointed with our service or for any reason our service didn’t meet your expectation, kindly let us know and we will continue to improve in earnest to meet your need and continue to try to correct or improve until we can live up to your expectation.

Every member’s beloved pet is different in condition and temperament.  It’s our hope that the time exclusive concept will offer each member a chance to tailor their reserved time to their exact liking and preference to best pamper their beloved pet.

Since the reserved appointed time is exclusive to the member, we strongly encourage open communication from our members.  The more our member can openly let us know exactly what they expect us to do or what we can do during that time to make your beloved ones feel the most special before the actual appointment, the more our team can prepare ahead of time and be ready to make each visit specially unique to only your beloved pet.

As always, we’d like to thank all our members for their understanding and continuing support.


Sincere gratitude,


E&T management