• 2020-01-10

Newsletter 2020


Happy 2020 to all our valued E&T members! As we look ahead and bid farewell to 2019, Chinese lunar new year is also just around the corner. On behalf of our entire E&T staff, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude for your patronage and wish all of our valued members, big and small, a healthy and prosperous year ahead.


So much has happened over the last year. We want to thank everyone for choosing us and also apologize for times that required extra understanding and patience if things didn’t quite live up to our standard or your expectations. Our staff worked extremely hard to ensure that our little members all had a happy and pleasant experience coming to E&T. We are still progressing and improving to attain our full potential and realize our goal of becoming a true one of a kind fully functional luxury spa for your beloved little ones.


We spent all of last year being just a grooming shop that basically offers the same services as traditional shops all around. While the services we offer might not be different, we worked on raising the level of attention and thoroughness to offer our members assurance and a peace of mind that it’s the most attentive and professional service you can find anywhere.


There are still many things we can learn and have to learn to be even better going forward. Mistakes and oversights that we take it upon ourselves to not repeat. All of this is made possible by our members’ trust and support in choosing us. We are thankful and grateful that your trust and support gives us all the motivation and responsibility to be perfect for your beloved little ones each and every time they come through our door.


We can’t claim perfection but we strive to be fully committed and devote our time and professionalism into every appointed time slots. No short cuts and compromises no matter the circumstances are what we preach to our staff and enforce without exception.


Recently it has come to our attention that availability and flexibility is hard to come by when making future appointment request. To that, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and lack of time slots available. Our hands are tied at the moment because we can’t create more time slots and we won’t compromise quality to create more time slots. All we can assure our members at this time is that we take all our appointment requests accordingly and seriously without any bias and honor our appointments equally. Our waitlist procedure is the same process as well.


To disappoint and offend our members is the last thing we want to do and the first thing we try to avoid. But truth always comes first and we can’t hide the facts. We aimed to offer a more private and higher quality of service for your beloved little ones which makes our time slots extremely limited even from the very beginning.


We understand the frustration and disappointment in our members calling to request an appointment and end up being unfulfilled. We also understand it’s more than just business and we are honored and privileged that you’ve shown enough trust to choose us and attempted to make an appointment but felt angered that trust and loyalty isn’t rewarded and even felt offended and disappointed instead. We understand and share the frustration. We can only apologize and hope you can understand this is an unintended circumstance.


Rest assured there is a plan in progress for future expansion but regrettably there is no imminent solution to the lack of available time slot right now. Our goal has never been just to grow a business by opening as many shops as we can. While it’s the ultimate goal for any business to expand as greatly as possible, we set out to seek and achieve a different level of environment and service for our beloved pampered little ones without compromise in attention and service. We have to set our pace of growth very slowly at the start because we are dealing with people providing service of love and attention to a precious life that can’t really communicate openly and is completely reliant on the people that’s entrusted to service him/her.


In the year of 2020, we set our sights on further expansion and improvement. Expansion not in turns of more shops or more appointment slots but expansion in terms of higher level of extensive services and more tailor focused oriented programs for our existing members that might need extra regimen and treatments.


2020 is going to be a year of anticipation and excitement for everyone who’s part of E&T. With every growth there comes growing pain. And with every growing pain it takes a tremendous amount of support and understanding from our members to outgrow the pain and allow us sustainable growth.





We are forever grateful for all the support and understanding along the way. We take it to heart to make it our responsibility for providing the most attentive care and best service anywhere to repaid our member’s trust and support.


In closing, we will keep our members informed whenever our future goal or vision is put in motion through our newsletter. Once again, on behalf of everyone at E&T, beyond gratitude, we want to wish all of our members a happy, healthy and a prosperous new year.


Thank you for all your support and understanding for the past year and we will never stop working hard to validate your support and understanding for the years to come.


Happy new year!


E&T management team