• 2019-01-19

Newsletter to E&T members


It is an honor to formally address our members for the first time on behalf of E&T management. It has been around a year since E&T has gone under a new management. In this newsletter, you will know in depth what E&T strives to provide and serve our valued members and what you can expect from being a member of E&T luxury pet spa.


Emily Chang founded E&T luxury pet spa in 2015 out of her love and passion for her own dogs. As with most service oriented businesses, it was born out of necessity and desire to want something more for her own beloved pets. Wherever she went for grooming, there seemed to be something missing. It wasn’t just about whether the service was good or bad, she wanted more than that for her special dogs.


What was missing is the time and space to care and pay careful attention to her dogs not only while they were being serviced but also to the time she picked them up after the service was completed. Even continued visits to the same groomer often resulted in her pet becoming just a routine and habit for the groomer as time went on. And instead of paying more attention to the changing conditions of her dogs, the details started to slip because it became routine and a habit for the groomer. Hence the plan to have a different kind of pet salon was put in motion.


The name E&T stands for Emily and Teddy. Teddy being her first and most beloved toy poodle. The name of the shop isn’t just derived from the name of the owner and the name of her first pet. It’s symbolic for how closely Emily holds Teddy to her heart. She has never looked or treated Teddy as just a dog. In her world, Teddy is more of a real son and a big part of her life than just a pet. The symbolism of E&T is about the bond of an owner to her dog and the value of such relationship.


It is from this symbolism that provided the core value of what E&T strives to uphold and achieve. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because we know how special and meaningful each beloved pet is to their owner like how Emily sees and treats Teddy.


It’s not all about business and profit with E&T. It’s about love and attention. Every dog that comes to E&T deserves the same attention and care as if they were someone else’s most precious sons and daughters. We have membership rules and policies that are strictly enforced without exception to prioritize our time and attention to the beloved pets that are entrusted to us. Our rules and policies are not found in any other grooming shops because we don’t have the same goal and agenda as any other grooming shops.


The desire and intent of having a place like E&T is to be able to provide a tranquil and professional place to bath and groom your beloved pet with attention to detail. It was evident that most if not all of the other dog grooming services out there were all about production and turning quick profit like car washing stations.


Much like conventional car washing stations that has one procedure for all cars, so do most grooming places. Sure, car washing stations make a car clean and shiny in the end. But cars are just machines and all they require is someone following the proper procedure. With dogs, it’s much different than to just have a professional going through habitual routine. The work is the same but the attention to detail is critical because every dog is different in current condition, temperament and in personality. Just being a professional isn’t good enough especially when all shops are eventually more focused in serving as many dogs as they can each day to generate profit.


All that is left is professionalism in the same routine like car washing stations because there isn’t time to pay personal attention to the dog being serviced. Eventually, everything is just a routine and no longer a personalized service tailored towards the dog’s own condition, temperament and personality.


In order to be truly different than the rest, we had to implement our own strict policy to ensure that all the time and attention is devoted to the pets that are entrusted to us by our members. The vision was to not follow the traditional grooming shops but to do something totally different in a way where we can transfer as much of tranquility and privacy of a luxury spa for people and somehow make it possible for your beloved pet to have close to the same experience as people being in a luxury spa.


To best achieve this, E&T has a small intimate space that is able to provide a semi private setting for your pet where there will never be more than 2 pets being serviced at one time. Because of this, E&T is able to provide a true one to one attention for your pet where there will always be one staff member looking after your beloved pet from the moment you drop off your pet to the moment your beloved pet leaves our shop.


In other words, aside from receiving a detailed professional service, your pet is never left unattended in a cage or play area and is catered to whatever they may need during that time such as water, potty break, or just to walk around and stretch their legs in our play area.


From the start, E&T has always been committed to provide a service that prides itself in providing your beloved pet a place of sanctuary where they have the time to relax and be pampered while being serviced. The change of management occurred a year ago because the first leadership carried over the same managing style of a traditional pet grooming shop. The only thing different was our new policy for a luxury pet spa. And after more than a year under that leadership, E&T was slowly regressing back to a traditional grooming shop and lost its way to separate itself from becoming a true luxury pet spa thus resulted the change in management team.


Because our service is derived from luxury spa for people rather than traditional pet grooming shops for dogs, we realize that the concept and operation of carrying over a human luxury spa isn’t going to work for all dog owners because we have to operate differently and have different policies and rules as other traditional grooming shops. That is why we require membership enrollment and agreement before we can perform any service to your beloved pet.


The importance of enrollment is to make sure that all our customers know and understand how we operate and what we need from our customers to be able to properly and effectively operate our shop as a spa more than just a grooming shop you can find on any other street.


As always, membership shouldn’t be a burden and should be a privilege. We recognized that while E&T works hard to slowly separate ourselves from a typical pet grooming shop, our members are left with the burden of following our policy without feeling much reward and seeing us as another pet grooming shop with more rules. With regards to that, we apologize and ask for your patience and support as we work hard to implement our system and culture to become a true luxury pet spa.


For the past year since our new management took over, all the work has been behind the scenes to educate our employees what separates E&T as a luxury pet spa to all the other grooming shops out there.


It has been a slow but a challenging and rewarding process for us as well. More than just hiring professionals to work in our shop, it was mostly about finding professionals that have passion and willingness to expand focus and responsibility which required time for a gradual transformation from a professional groomer to a professional luxury spa specialist.


We had to start over and groom our seasoned professionals to be more attentive and flexible to meet different unique conditions of the pet being serviced and requests from the pet owners. We also had to place a renewed emphasis in how well they take the time to do the best for each dog because all dogs are different individuals with different conditions and not just a routine to get done as fast as possible by going through their habitual routines for all dogs.


It has been a learning curve but we are proud to say that we are confident that all of our employees at E&T are now in tune to what makes us different than a traditional grooming shop and how to hold ourselves accountable to a higher standard of paying attention to detail.


We hope our progress will translate into a higher level of service that our valued

members can not only see but also feel. Most of all, whether our improvements can be seen or felt, we hope your beloved pet will be the first beneficiary of our improved cohesion and understanding of attention to detail from our staff at E&T.


As mentioned, we understand that it is our duty to make your membership a privilege and reward you for choosing and staying with us. We also know that strict enforcement of our policies and rules have been more of a burden than a privilege at this point.


For that, we have the utmost respect and appreciation for your patience, support, and understanding to keep us moving forward. Our promise to all our members is to reward your patience and support with unrelenting pursuit to continually raise the level of our service and separate us from just a grooming shop to a true luxury spa for your beloved pet.

A place that you can trust to provide your beloved pet with loving care while no details will be overlooked or skipped during the entire time your beloved pet is in our shop.


Following this newsletter, there will be a FAQ article to explain the intent of our policies and rules in greater detail. This will hopefully provide enough clarity for all our members to really understand what you can expect being a member of E&T and if E&T is the right place that can meet your expectation.


We want to thank all our members for taking the time to read this and the upcoming FAQ article. More importantly, much more appreciation goes out to all the members that have been tolerant, supportive, and understanding of our policies and rules.


Here at E&T, we believe that giving our beloved pet the best we can isn’t just a responsibility but an obligation. With your understanding and support, we hope to reward your long term membership to E&T not by bending or breaking our enforced policies and rules but with the privilege and trust of knowing no one is more committed to serve and treat your pet better than E&T.


Before closing, we’d also like to thank all of our employees for growing with us and having an open mind to embrace new concepts and continually expanding on their professionalism. Without their conscious effort to be better and pay more attention to individual details, E&T would be nothing


more than any other grooming shop with a new ideal. We’d like to thank all our staff for committing to our goal and accepting the responsibility that better quality starts and ends with passion and paying attention to the finer details.


The pursuit of perfection isn’t just about seeking an easier or cheaper way, it’s about finding ways to do more and be more each and everyday for every member that entrusts their beloved pets to us.


We know E&T luxury pet spa won’t be for everyone. We don’t focus on keeping the prices low because we only focus on the time and attention required to best serve your beloved pet. Our rules and policies are rigid and strict because we focus on what we need from our members to be able to perform our best for your beloved pets.


Time and money is the ultimate form of luxury. At E&T, we won’t ever be cheap or be the most convenient. What we hope to achieve is to provide all our members the peace of mind of knowing that your time and money is well spent to give your precious pet the most care and attention in a semi private luxury setting. Our luxury pet spa isn’t simply just for the people who can afford our services but mostly for people that will see beyond price and convenience and put the best interest of their precious pet first and foremost like Emily to her Teddy.


We hope that with each day forward, we will reward our members for supporting us with the work we perform on your beloved pet. In time, we hope to earn your trust and approval that we are a place where we take care of your beloved pets as if they are Emily’s precious own.



Sincere gratitude,


E&T management